This is my first blog post after a long while so let me get started. When I started my journey as a Christian, God took me through different experiences where we prayed for the sick, preached and participated in various church meetings.

From time to time, I prayed for people who had some level of demonic problems and saw how the demons would leave through the Mighty Name of Jesus and the persons got better.

We are finding now that there are a lot of people who have nightmares, eating difficulties, sicknesses and many other ailments that get healed through prayer and counseling. A lot of these cases were seen by doctors who could NOT find anything wrong with them in the medical sense.

Pastor Conan To Vanua Levu Ministry

On the way to Vanua Levu

My wife and I recently travelled to Vanua Levu where we were able to pray for a few people and see them get well through the power of Jesus Christ. Two particular cases are mentioned here for example:

Lady With Demonic Oppression

An Indian lady could not sleep or eat properly. She was very weak and struggled with everyday life. She felt that her stomach always felt bloated and full. We visited with her and her family and prayed for her. As we prayed for her, the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes and I saw a demon attached to her belly. It had claws in her lower back.

When I rebuked the demon in the Name of Jesus, the demon dug it’s claws into her back and the lady screamed in pain and she clutched her lower back. So I told her to let go of her back and rebuked the demon. It let go of her back and dropped to the lady’s knees and she screamed again in pain and clutched her knees. I told her again to let go of her knees and rebuked the demon again and again. Then it dropped to her ankles and refused to move.

After that I felt to pray for their house so I took the lady’s father and prayed for all the bedrooms and other rooms of the house. There was a demon hanging from the roof in one of the bedrooms and so I rebuked it. I found out later that the lady normally slept in that same room. Then I returned to the lady and then rebuked the demon that was holding onto her ankles in desperation. Then the demon finally left.

I found out later that the lady was restored to complete health and was full of joy and peace in the Lord.

Man with Nightmares

The next day, we were asked to pray for a Christian man’s home in Labasa. So as I moved through each room praying, the Lord showed me a demon jumping up and down on the bed in one of the rooms. I rebuked the demon and it left. Another room had the presence of an evil spirit and when I rebuked it, it went down through the floor and disappeared out of the house.

Pastor Conan To Vanua Levu Ministry

Photo Courtesy by Ben Earwicker

Later as we sat with the family, the man asked me if there was anything I saw or felt about the house. When I told him what the Lord showed me, he looked at his wife and said that room where I saw the demon jumping up and down was their bedroom and he had regular nightmares. So they were glad that I had prayed and the Lord had helped them.

These are some of the cases that we help from time to time and we are very humbled that God would use us to help others to break free from demonic oppression. Some of these people that we pray for are Christians and some are Hindus and Muslims.

If you would like us to visit with you in the Nadi region, then feel free to contact us via our contact page on this website. We will reply within 24 hours. If you are from outside Nadi, contact us using the same form and then it will depend on the availability of our time and also as funds become available.