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Getting Help For Non-Medical Problems

by Conan
New Beginnings

This is my first blog post after a long while so let me get started. When I started my journey as a Christian, God took me through different experiences where we prayed for the sick, preached and participated in various church meetings. From time to time, I prayed for people who had some level of demonic problems and saw how the demons would leave through the Mighty Name of Jesus and the persons got better. […]

Sexual Immorality In The Fiji Church

by Conan

Recently, I have been seeing a worrying trend of sexual immorality amongst many pastors and clergy in the body of Christ in Fiji. Some of these cases have also involved sexual abuse of family members. I am not writing this to condemn those who committed such acts or those who stood silently by whilst this behavior was happening. Neither am I trying to excuse anyone who do such things. I am writing this to highlight […]