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Justified And Without Shame

by Conan
    Lamb og Dod - Justified

    Have you ever done anything in your past that you were ashamed about, guilty about or feel condemned at times? The bible is very clear and precise about this issue. For believers in Jesus, our sins have been dealt with. Acts 13:39 “and by Him everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.” In this verse, Paul was preaching to a crowd in […]

    Why faithfulness Succeeds

    by Conan

      Faithfulness is a powerful thing. For example, how do banks give you a loan? When they see how faithful you have been in repaying a loan or your overall history with them. A healthy marriage is also built upon faithfulness. When faithfulness is present, trust is strengthened and relationships become stronger. Almost every area of life is strengthened by faithfulness. I know of some people who are enormously successful in their career because they have […]

      Do We Really Fear The Lord Or What?

      by Conan

        Reading articles and books by various Pastors and Christian leaders, I am amazed to find that there is a vast difference in understanding and belief in what the fear of the Lord really is about. When defining the fear of the Lord, some say that the fear of the Lord is a reverential fear or Awe of the Lord. They say that it is not a negative fear in the same sense as in being […]

        You Must Be Born Again

        by Conan

          Growing up in a traditional church, I looked like a Christian with the right clothes for Church on Sunday, a baptism certificate that said that I was a Christian and parents that considered me as a Christian. But however much I tried to “feel” like part of the Christian community, there was this deep emptiness in me that couldn’t be filled with anything. So when I sat in a public meeting with some friends at […]