Cornerstone Church – Rolleston and Burnham


Musicians doing some practice at a camp

We are grateful for the partnership that our church has with Cornerstone Church and their members. This great church is led by Pastor Paul and Sharon Buick and a godly group of leaders. They mainly serve the Rolleston and Burnham community in Christchurch with Missions work in Tanzania and Fiji.

Our Missions Team that visits many homes every week, especially in the poorer areas, are financially supported by our church and through this partnership.

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Pioneers of Australia

Arnhem Land - East Alligator River Crossing (Cahills Crossing)

 East Alligator River Crossing (Cahills Crossing) – Image provided by Tourism NT


Vijay Raj and Family

Pastor Vijay Raj and Family

Pioneers of Australia is a ministry based in Australia that works with local churches to reach un-reached people groups in different nations.

We are working with them in sending Pastor Vijay and Esther Raj with their family to Arnhem Land in Australia. Pastor Vijay and Esther will work within a Pioneers team to reach out to Aborigines. Please pray about how you can support Vijay and Esther in this mission.

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Life Runners

Life Runners at Denarau

Life Runners at a local running competition

We have a partnership with Life Runners – An international Pro-Life ministry. Through their ministry, many people in Fiji as well as our members have become aware of the dangers of Abortion. And as part of our commitment to the pro-life message, we regularly wear a Life Runners shirt while we are out walking or running that has a message targeted towards bringing awareness.

We are aware of some babies that were saved from abortion due to the efforts of our Life Runners in Fiji. These are only the ones that are known by us. Of course, there could have been many others that have been saved by the awareness work of Life Runners in Fiji and other Pacific Nations.

In September this year, the same message was taken to Vanuatu by the International Coordinator with some Life Runners and the response from the local community there was phenomenal. Some of our members, along with the International Coordinator will be traveling to Vanuatu for further pro-life work in another area.