God made everything for His purpose. Our homework is to discover the purpose of God. Therefore a life without purpose is like a ship without engine. It just floats on the sea aimlessly. There is no destination to head for.

Sometimes people don’t step out because they are afraid of making mistakes but without making mistakes, we will never learn. We want to be perfect before we attempt to do anything. But that is not going to work. We are not perfect.

But if you know God’s purpose, you will be like a ship that is sailing right ahead to its destination.  If if have purpose, we will less likely be distracted by the many options in life.

So in order to know our purpose, it is important to answer 3 basic questions:

  1. Why am I here? This deals with my existence.
  2. Does my life matter? This touches on my significance.
  3. What is my purpose? This shows me that I can live with intention.

To find out more about our purpose, we encourage you to listen to the full message and take notes. This message will encourage and bless you as you begin to realize that you were made by our Creator God for a purpose.

God bless you and keep you.