Karen Patnaude is the International Co-ordinator for Life Runners International and is an active runner of marathons. We are pleased that she was able to share a message today on the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

She speaks frankly and clearly on the differences between democracies and monarchies. With democracies, the people choose their government and enact the laws that is the will of the majority of the population. If they want their laws changed, they can simply do so through their representatives in Parliament.

However, with Monarchies, the authority of the Kingdom is by the King who rules completely over his subjects.

As we are citizens of heaven, we are subjects of the King of Heaven who is our Lord. We don’t get to make the rules. We simply obey whatever our Lord commands.

This message will challenge the listeners but also be an encouragement towards walking the right way with our Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope that you will enjoy the message as much as our church enjoyed it.