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Through The Wilderness


Our lives will face times of hardship and trials. During these times, we should never give up but instead allow God to mold us and strengthen us to be the person He wants us to be. Wilderness experiences are a way that God can help us to become better. Sharon Osborn shares a powerful message on the Wilderness. We pray that you will be encouraged as you listen to it.

Turn It Around – 1 Samuel 22:1-5

Seeking God

  Have you been under so much pressure in life that it is just so much easier to give up? This passage introduces us to a time in David’s life when he was under an enormous amount of pressure. David’s life is under threat He has to provide a safe refuge for his parents 400 distressed men come to David and they stay (Would have been easier if they left David alone) Food and shelter […]

A Specific Word


    Apologies to all visitors. The DVD Recording for this week appears to be blank. We will be checking this with the cameraman and letting you know further. Thanks and God bless

    Partners Of Faith – Patience


    Faith is that invisible element that pleases God, although you can also see it expressed by action. With faith, you need patience to wait for God’s timing. God is in control and will breakthrough in His time.