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Sharvin and Veena – A Story Of God’s Power

Sharvin and Veena

We hear stories of marriage and family breakups. These stories can be quite disheartening but now we are thrilled to hear a powerful story of how God brought Sharvin and Veena together after years of divorce. After watching this video, I hope that you can also give praise and glory to God for the things He is doing. Please share this video with others and feel free to comment on this page. Thanks for watching […]

Family Relationships

Pastor Vijay Raj explains the roles and functions of each member of the Nuclear family as explained in the Bible. This seesion was recorded in our church in Nadi, Fiji on 16 March 2014. We hope that you enjoy and also grow from this teaching.

Our Relationship With God


Our relationship with God is the most important relationship that we have. Sister Esther Raj provides an overview of what this means and how our relationship with God should function. Invest your time listening to this message and you will be challenged greatly. Many people responded to the message at the altar.

Relationships Within The Church

We are a community, a gathering of spiritual believers. As a Christian Community, we are to live with others according to the standards of God. These standards are revealed in the bible and they cover such principles as love and more.

Relationships Within The Trinity


This message is the 1st message in the series on “Relationships”. Hector Hatch explains about the Trinity and the relationships between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The sound quality is not so good in the 1st 6minutes but it improves after that. We hope that you enjoy. Please post your comments below. Thanks