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Remember His Benefits

Cross of Christ

As human beings we tend to forget things. Sometimes even our friends names are foirgotten. However, we should never forget the benefits of the cross that Jesus purchased with His own Blood for us. In Exodus 29:38-39 the Israelites were to sacrifice a lamb on the altar in the morning and evening. This is how we should be remembering the benefits of the cross. Night and day…because we do forget. Psalms 103:1-5 tells us not […]

Joy – Much Needed Strength

Joy in the Son

Everyday we are attacked by negative thoughts and especially discouragement. Even at home, family life can even be so stressful that sometimes we might feel like quitting. Work can have so much pressure on deadlines, unfair treatment, back-talk by work mates and sometimes just plain boredom. That’s when we need to have strength to endure and carry on. Ephesians 6:10 says to “be strong on the Lord and in the power of His might…”. This […]

Application In The Word – James 1:22-25

Hearing and doing the Bible

The best of intentions sound so good. New Year resolutions sound so good. But they fail when we don’t do it. One thing to hear and learn and learn and learn but the important thing is to start doing what we are learning and hearing. The Holy Spirit is ready to bring change and transformation to our lives and our families but we need to start applying whatever the bible is saying and whatever the […]

A Specific Word


    Apologies to all visitors. The DVD Recording for this week appears to be blank. We will be checking this with the cameraman and letting you know further. Thanks and God bless

    Overcoming Anger


    Sharon shares about the different types of anger and provides us a biblical approach to dealing with each one. If not managed correctly, anger can be a huge devastating force.

    Freedom By Knowing The Truth


    We all want more freedom in our lives. This includes freedom in our finances, our relationships, our health and in all areas of life. The key is in knowing the Truth. When you know the truth, it will make you free so spend time knowing the truth. In this video, Pastor Conan teaches about what truth is, and how this works in our daily lives.