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Catching The Wind Book By Norman Yee

by Conan
Catching the wind

This book is authored by Mr. Norman Yee, former Chief Executive Officer for CAAFI (Civil Aviation Authority Of Fiji Islands). It represents his memoirs which essentially covers his life story and allows the readers a glimpse into the workings of a Chinese Immigrant family in the early 1900’s and their descendents. The following is the content from the Book flyer. COMING ! Norman’s Dad The frank and humorous story of civil aviation veteran Norman Yee. […]

Getting Help For Non-Medical Problems

by Conan
New Beginnings

This is my first blog post after a long while so let me get started. When I started my journey as a Christian, God took me through different experiences where we prayed for the sick, preached and participated in various church meetings. From time to time, I prayed for people who had some level of demonic problems and saw how the demons would leave through the Mighty Name of Jesus and the persons got better. […]

Do We Really Fear The Lord Or What?

by Conan

    Reading articles and books by various Pastors and Christian leaders, I am amazed to find that there is a vast difference in understanding and belief in what the fear of the Lord really is about. When defining the fear of the Lord, some say that the fear of the Lord is a reverential fear or Awe of the Lord. They say that it is not a negative fear in the same sense as in being […]

    You Must Be Born Again

    by Conan

      Growing up in a traditional church, I looked like a Christian with the right clothes for Church on Sunday, a baptism certificate that said that I was a Christian and parents that considered me as a Christian. But however much I tried to “feel” like part of the Christian community, there was this deep emptiness in me that couldn’t be filled with anything. So when I sat in a public meeting with some friends at […]

      Sexual Immorality In The Fiji Church

      by Conan

      Recently, I have been seeing a worrying trend of sexual immorality amongst many pastors and clergy in the body of Christ in Fiji. Some of these cases have also involved sexual abuse of family members. I am not writing this to condemn those who committed such acts or those who stood silently by whilst this behavior was happening. Neither am I trying to excuse anyone who do such things. I am writing this to highlight […]